Policies and Procedures

Please read the following policies and procedures for Fillongley Parish Council

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thumbnail of fpc privacy notice march 2018
FPC Privacy Notice 2018

FPC equality-diversity-policy

FPC Retention Policy 2022

thumbnail of FPC Standing Orders 2019
FPC Standing Orders 2019
thumbnail of FPC Financial Regulations 2019
FPC Financial Regulations 2019

thumbnail of FPC Code of Conduct 2019

FPC Code of Conduct 2019


thumbnail of FPC Risk Assesment Policy 2019
FPC Risk Assessment Policy 2019


thumbnail of fpc-complaints-procedure
FPC Complaints Procedure


thumbnail of FPC SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY 2019
FPC Social Media Policy 2019


thumbnail of FPC Publication Scheme 2019
FPC Publication Scheme 2019


thumbnail of FPC Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure
FPC Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure


thumbnail of Recording and filming policy
FPC Recording and Filming Policy


thumbnail of Subject Access Policy 2019
FPC Subject Access Policy 2019