• Community Dog Waste Scheme.

    FPC lead the way

    We live in a rural village and there are a lot of dog walkers amongst us. There is just not money available to put bins everywhere that we may want them so I have come up with a suggestion that NWBC wish Fillongley to trial…… If you keep your black bin on/or accessible to, the street, would you be prepared to let dog walkers put their BAGGED AND TIED poop bags into your bin? Participating black bins would be clearly marked with stickers. I already know some people who are kind enough to let me use their bins when I am walking the dog so that I don’t have to carry the bag for miles! Would you extend the same kindness to other people in the village?  I don’t anticipate an influx of people and tonnes of poop – just villagers helping each other out.    Stickers have been produced and are now available if you would like to participate.  Please let me know if you would like to join in or have more information.  It would be particularly helpful if you live in some of the more remote spots of the village where there aren’t any bins at all!  Thank you to all those who have already come forward. 

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    FPC Dog Waste Scheme
  • VE Day 75th Anniversary 2020

    May 8th 2020 is the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.  Not quite the end of World War 2, as there were still battle fronts in Asia, but the Allies had ended the war in Europe.   At the time, there had been a number of surrenders on different fronts and after negotiations a ceasefire was arranged for 7th May, with the official surrender being on 8th May 1945.  It had been widely anticipated, and people all around the world celebrated VE Day.  The May Bank Holiday has been changed for 2020 to enable Friday 8th May to be a Bank Holiday and it is hoped that people will take the opportunity to remember the sacrifices made before, and celebrate the peace and freedom that we enjoy today.

    FPC is co-ordinating  3 days of events through the parish (8th – 11th May) that hopefully you will want to join in with.  The idea is to spread the events out so that we can join in with as many as possible rather than them competing for your attention.  If you wish to contribute to the organising/participating in any way at all, please get in touch with the Clerk (549193) to discuss it further.  Thanks to those groups already lined up to participate;  The Weavers Arms,  St Marys and All Saints Church, Bournebrook School, Fillongley Village Hall, Fillongley Social Club, Fillongley Scout Group, Fillongley Young Farmers Club….. and you?

  • Neighbourhood Plan
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    Fillongley Neighbourhood Plan Adoption August 2019
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    Fillongley Neighbourhood Plan – Basic Conditions Statement
    thumbnail of fnp basic_conditions_statement inc appendix1
    Fillongley Neighbourhood Plan Basic Statement inc Appendix
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    Fillongley Neighbourhood Plan – Consultation Statement

    In 2013 the Parish Council decided to form a Neighbourhood Plan.  This is part of the Localism Act that has aimed to devolve power back to local communities.  Since then, Fillongley residents and Fillongley Parish Council have been working on a Neighbourhood Plan.  This is a vision of how we would like our village to develop between now and 2034 which runs in parallel with North Warwickshire Borough Councils‘ future planning.   It was voted for in a referendum and was adopted by NWBC as part of the local plan in August 2019.

    Thank you to all who contributed to its success.

    This document can be viewed by clicking the icon above.  If you would like to view a paper copy please contact the Clerk to arrange this.

    Contact the Clerk here.

  • Christmas Tree Festival – Fillongley Church


    Fillongley Church 


    Friday 29th  November – Sunday 8th December 


    6:30pm. Grand Opening

    with singing by the Bournebrook School Choir, Christmas Tree viewing and special visit by REVERSE Father Christmas, who will receive your gifts to send to less fortunate children in the local area



    10am – 5pm.   Christmas Tree Festival viewing and voting,

    including Turkey batches & punch, tea & coffee, cakes & biscuits.



    and SUNDAY 8th DECEMBER 

    12 noon – 5pm.  Christmas Tree Festival viewing and voting

    tea & coffee, cakes & biscuits

    Saturday 30th November & Sunday 1st December 

    7:15pm – Christmas Tree Festival Banquet**

    **Banquets –  strictly by ticket only, purchased in advance of the evenings from Suzanne Whiting 01676 542410

    or Graham Hargreaves 01676 540766


     Christmas Tree Festival 


    Saturday 30th November 2019 at 7:15 for 7:30pm

    & Sunday 1st  December 2019 at 7:15 for 7:30pm

    The Christmas Tree Festival has been going for some years now but did you know that EVERYONE can join in the banquets?  

    As you may know, over the weekend the Church is decorated with around 30 Christmas Trees in a competition.  These are available for viewing and voting in the daytime over the weekend. 

    However on Saturday and Sunday nights the Church is transformed into a sparkling Christmas banquet room. 

     Tables are put down the aisle and the only lights are the trees all around the sides.  

    A 3 course meal is served (bring your own drinks) and it is a real festive community event with musical entertainment. 

      Tables of around 8 people are made up if there are just a few of you – so why not invite your friends/neighbours to make up a table? 

    Tickets are £15 each

     and available from Suzanne Whiting 01676 542410

    or Graham Hargreaves 01676 540766

    There are plenty of tickets still available for the Saturday 30th November  and a few still for Sunday 2nd December

    See you there!

  • Defibrillator


    IF you are more than 300 metres away, 999 WILL NOT tell you to go and get it.
    YOU must tell them you know where one is and you are able to get it
    YOU may be quicker than the ambulance

    Read more here

  • Fillongley Library Timetable

    Mobile Library Service

    As you may well be aware, the Mobile Library visits your parish once every three weeks.   Please find the 2019 timetable attached which details the time, date and location of our stops.  Further information about the Mobile Library routes can also be found on our website, or by contacting the number at the bottom of this poster.

    thumbnail of Mobile Library Timetable

    Home Library Service

    Furthermore, we also offer a Home Library  Service across the whole of Warwickshire.  This is a free Warwickshire County Council service to those who are unable to visit or use their local library or Mobile Library due to ill health or infirmity.  We deliver library books to people in their homes/nursing homes/residential complexes once every four weeks, based on their personal preferences.  We have attached a copy of our leaflet to this email and would encourage you to watch our promotional video via our website,

  • AccessAble

    NWBC have launched a new information service.  The app/website is called AccessAble, and allows users to research the accessibility of various locations, shops and attractions prior to attending/visiting them. The businesses on the website were required to complete a walk around and checklist, and the website is constantly updating, so if there is a discrepancy between the website and the actual location, these changes can be made.


    The information on the app/website is beneficial for anyone who has accessibility issues, is not confident going to new places, or who is concerned about what they may be faced with once they are there. The app can be downloaded onto any smart device (e.g. phones, iPad’s, tablets etc) or visit the website to find all the information that you need.


    If you have any queries please contact Emma Bracey

    Community Development Officer (Health Improvement)

    North Warks. Borough Council  Tel: 01827 719232

  • Mobile Post Office

    The mobile post office is now located in the car park of the Manor House pub on Wednesdays for 1 hour, from 10:45am to 11:45am

  • Fillongley Lunch Club

    Fillongley Lunch Club meets in the meeting room of Fillongley Church once a month.

    Anyone is welcome to attend, particularly people who might not see many people during the week who want to get out and meet others.

    The charge is a couple of pounds to cover the cost of the food, pre booking is preferred, the club is run by Elizabeth Smitham and Pat Kenrick

    Please call 540072 for further details

  • Community Award Scheme

     Fillongley Parish Community Award Scheme 

    Do you know an unsung hero? Someone who has helped our community, quietly working away to make sure that things run smoothly for others? 

    Previous recipients have been; 

    Mavis Hopkins – for her tireless work regenerating the village hall, helping start up the History Group, the short mat bowls group, Golden Years, dance classes etc… the list goes on. 

    John Taylor – for his unceasing work in all aspects of community engagement. Working hard on the village hall committee, youth club, Fillongley Show, gardening club to name but a few. 

    David & Elizabeth Smitham – Between them David and Elizabeth have helped out for years in Bournebrook School for years with Cookery Club, Sewing Club and Handbells. David has edited the Parish magazine for more years than most remember and also runs the voluntary Handbell ringing group who entertain at old peoples homes etc. Elizabeth has also been a Guide Leader for over 40 years. 

    Mavis Winterburn – Mavis has been the laundry service to Fillongley Football Club for over 40 years. Councillors were trying to calculate how many smelly socks she has washed for 2 teams every Saturday during that time and came to the answer – a lot! 

    Eric Hammond – “Mr Cricket” Eric has supported the Fillongley Cricket Club in every single aspect over his entire time in the village. He also supports the Parish by mowing the grass at the crossroads every week and providing fuel for the upkeep of Fillongley Cemetery and War Memorial. 

    Eddie Jones – In recent years Eddie has, almost single-handedly rejuvenated the Fillongley Fete. It started by organising a music event to raise money for the Village Hall, then he realised that people didn’t want to go and why not make a day of it – Fete in the day and music at night…. So it has grown… the fete is now such a large job that by the evening Eddie collapses and the music is no more… but you never know when it may come back! Eddie has also provided and run a PA system for village events such as the celebratory Beacon, visit by HRH Duke of Kent etc. 

    Most of these people were nominated for one thing but when you ask around, it becomes apparent that in fact they help out in other areas too. 

    What thanks do they get?! Well, a small party and their name on the Roll of Honour. 

    What do we get? A chance to say thank you. Councillors are often told what a busy Parish we have with lots going on. Without the volunteers, it wouldn’t be like it is with so much for us to participate in if we wish to. 

    So, who is next? There are no deadlines, just drop a call or an email to the Parish Clerk or one of your Councillors with a name and a reason. Please help us to reach out and give thanks where it is due. 01676549193