• Decembers Parish Council Meeting – CANCELLED

    After receiving advice from the National Association of Councils, it is with regret that Decembers Parish Council Meeting has been cancelled.  If you wish the Council to understand your views or consider a particular item, please contact the Parish Clerk at or write c/o The Crooked Stile, St Marys Road, Fillongley, CV7 8EY

  • United Charity of William Avery and Fillongley Educational Foundation
    Please find the forms below for United Charity of William Avery and Others plus Fillongley Educational Foundation United Charity of William Avery & Others - Notice
  • NEW Fillongley Library Timetable 2021

    Two routes will be stopping in Fillongley,

    Route O on Thursdays

    Route K on Fridays

    Please check the dates below

    BEM O Route 2021

    BEM K Route 2021

    Are there alternative ways to borrow?

    Yes, our online library services are still available, and staff will be enhancing these further over the coming weeks, including boosting the online enquiry service and developing resources for study support for pupils.

    You can already download eBooks and eAudiobooks through BorrowBox, and read eMagazines and eNewspapers, all completely free of charge. Visit our digital library at

    Can I get help with accessing your digital services?

    Yes, if you need help, just contact us. Email:  

  • Remembrance Sunday 2020 – re COVID-19

    Sunday 8th November is Remembrance Sunday.  There will be a short  Church Service around the War Memorial with the wreaths being laid however FPC would encourage members of the public to show their respects by coming out onto their doorsteps for the two minutes silence at 11am rather than attending the Service.
    For those who do plan to come to the War Memorial, please wear a face covering, stay in your family bubbles and maintain 2 metre distance from others to avoid any possible risk of infection of others.  Thank you for your co-operation.

  • Corona Virus Recreation Ground

    thumbnail of CV Recreation Ground

  • Coronavirus Information – Update


    Corona Virus (Covid-19) Information

    For the latest government instructions and advice please use this link;

    When we reduce our day-to-day contact with other people, we reduce the spread of the infection. That is why the government has now introduced three new measures; 1. Requiring people to stay at home, except for very limited purposes

    2. Closing non-essential shops and community spaces

    3. Stopping all gatherings of more than two people in public

    In Fillongley this means that everyone should stay at home unless travelling to work, essential shopping, taking one exercise per day or helping vulnerable people.

    The Recreation Ground in Church Lane is still open for use but FPC would ask people not to use the play equipment, to only go with members of their own household and to maintain a distance of 2 metres from anyone else they may see.

    The Parish Council recognise that many people have close friends and family in the Parish who are able to help them in times of need. It is a mark of the strength of our community that a lot of people have also come forward as volunteers willing to help others that they don’t know. You should have received a note from one/two of them through your door. If you need help, please don’t be afraid to ask. The Clerk also has a list of other people waiting in the wings to help out too. 01676 549193 or join the Fillongley Parish Council Group Facebook page

    In coming days you may receive your Parish Magazine – the deadline for entries is always the 10th of the month before publication, and surprising as it may seem, on 10th March we were all carrying on with normal life. This has changed swiftly and dramatically. There will be no meetings at the village hall, no clubs, scouting or guiding, no open pubs, no formal church services (though check the information for access for private prayer), no Easter Egg Drop and no VE celebrations. Some local businesses are offering some delivery services and FPC would urge you to support local businesses whenever you can (Corona Virus Pandemic or not!).

    We have a great community. Let’s work together.

    If you need any help with regards to problems caused by self-isolating e.g. Shopping etc.

    Please get in touch with Heather Badham 01676 549193
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  • Community Dog Waste Scheme.

    FPC lead the way

    We live in a rural village and there are a lot of dog walkers amongst us. There is just not money available to put bins everywhere that we may want them so I have come up with a suggestion that NWBC wish Fillongley to trial…… If you keep your black bin on/or accessible to, the street, would you be prepared to let dog walkers put their BAGGED AND TIED poop bags into your bin? Participating black bins would be clearly marked with stickers. I already know some people who are kind enough to let me use their bins when I am walking the dog so that I don’t have to carry the bag for miles! Would you extend the same kindness to other people in the village?  I don’t anticipate an influx of people and tonnes of poop – just villagers helping each other out.    Stickers have been produced and are now available if you would like to participate.  Please let me know if you would like to join in or have more information.  It would be particularly helpful if you live in some of the more remote spots of the village where there aren’t any bins at all!  Thank you to all those who have already come forward. 

    thumbnail of Fillongley Community Dog Waste Scheme (002)
    FPC Dog Waste Scheme
  • VE Day UPDATE Coronavirus

    Due to the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic, all Parish Council VE Day celebrations that were planned have been cancelled.  IF the government rules alter, some pubs etc may still carry on with their plans.  However, Corona Virus permitting,  Fillongley Parish Council hope that we can transfer all the celebrations to VJ day on 15th August and Sunday 16th August, including the bonfire and fireworks spectacle.  “Victory in Japan” was significant as it was the last front that Allied Troops were still fighting on, so I think it is safe to say that this truly was the end of World War II and the 75th anniversary will be something to celebrate. 

  • Neighbourhood Plan
    thumbnail of FinalFillongley_NP_for_Adoption
    Fillongley Neighbourhood Plan Adoption August 2019
    thumbnail of fnp basic_conditions_statement
    Fillongley Neighbourhood Plan – Basic Conditions Statement
    thumbnail of fnp basic_conditions_statement inc appendix1
    Fillongley Neighbourhood Plan Basic Statement inc Appendix
    thumbnail of fnp consultation statement
    Fillongley Neighbourhood Plan – Consultation Statement

    In 2013 the Parish Council decided to form a Neighbourhood Plan.  This is part of the Localism Act that has aimed to devolve power back to local communities.  Since then, Fillongley residents and Fillongley Parish Council have been working on a Neighbourhood Plan.  This is a vision of how we would like our village to develop between now and 2034 which runs in parallel with North Warwickshire Borough Councils‘ future planning.   It was voted for in a referendum and was adopted by NWBC as part of the local plan in August 2019.

    Thank you to all who contributed to its success.

    This document can be viewed by clicking the icon above.  If you would like to view a paper copy please contact the Clerk to arrange this.

    Contact the Clerk here.

  • Defibrillator


    IF you are more than 300 metres away, 999 WILL NOT tell you to go and get it.
    YOU must tell them you know where one is and you are able to get it
    YOU may be quicker than the ambulance

    Read more here