It is fantastic that the Parish now have a number of defibrillators provided by different groups around the Parish.  There are currently defibrillators at;
* The Woodyard (Coventry Road, next to Bournebrook School entrance)
* Fillongley Village Hall (Coventry Road)
* Fillongley Scout and Guide Hut, Church Lane.
* Fillongley Cricket Club, Blackhall Lane
All are available for the public to use.  Please note where the locations are in case you ever need it.  IF you are more than 300 metres away, 999 WILL NOT tell you to go and get it.
YOU must tell them you know where one is and you are able to get it.  YOU may be quicker than the ambulance
Defibrillators are easy to use; once you turn them on they tell you exactly what to do. 
Thank you to all the groups who have provided these for all of our benefits.“